Monday, October 5, 2009

Surat untuk Tuhan

Dalam hitungan detik,
kota kelahiran berubah menjadi petaka
Dalam hitungan jam,
jiwa-jiwa itu merintih kesakitan
Dalam hitungan hari,
satu persatu teman pergi meninggalkan dunia

Ribuan rumah hancur
Ribuan jiwa hilang
Ribuan jiwa pergi
Ranah Minang menangis
Bumi Andalas berduka

Tuhan, kumohon padamu
Jangan tambah lagi duka ini
Jangan Kau ambil lagi umatmu
Jangan biarkan air mata itu mengalir

Sembuhkan luka ini
Sembukan Ranah Minang
Sembuhkan Bumi Andalas
Kuyakin Kau akan mendengarkan doaku

Kelenteng - Chinatown

Ngarai Sianok - Bukittinggi

Muara Harbour

Old town

Old town

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely day

It's so lovely... This morning, i found someone that i really want to meet. I was on my way to class and I didn't know why, but i walked to that PLACE and suddenly he appeared. I tried to stay cool and pretended that i didn't see him at all. And when i left that PLACE, he smiled to me... Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... It made me so damn happy!

But, please do not think that i love that guy. I just admire him like my brother, and i'm not ready to be in a relationship with someone. I prefer to concentrate to my study and i'm a bit afraid to start the relationship & afraid to get hurt. Honestly it's really hard to forget someone that u love. OK! Just forget it!!!!

Once again, he just someone that i love to look at, not someone that i love from my deepest heart. :P

Now, it already 10.00 p.m. and i sat in front of my laptop and heard the song named, stand up for love. Yeah it's not the new song, but the lyric is so touchy.

Ok, today, my day was full with love, so i will show you some of my photography artwork. Here they are :

1. why don't u stay?

2. because u love me

3. butterfly park

4. believe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First post, new start, new page, new life

Hi everyone! This is my 1st post in my new blog. Actually i have one more account and i just deleted it. I have a reason why i deleted that. Honestly, I want to remove all the bitter memories that i have inside it. So this the new start, new page, and new life for me. Goodbye old stories!!!!

About this blog, i think it'll be full of my photography artwork. I hope you will enjoy it, you can give critic and comment on it. And please do not use all my artwork without my agreement. THX

These are some of my first artwork, the first photographs when i know and learn how to use the DSLR. Still not good enough, but it's really my first artwork. Hope you enjoy it

1. taste the sour

2. can't get over

3. waltz for the sky

4. love chain

5. i'm falling in love

6. stand up for love

You can find all the pictures in my gallery :